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FAQ for Tourists

Jewish Community of Rome

FAQ FOR TOURISTS - High Holidays edition

(valid from erev Rosh ha-shanà - 25.9.22)


Welcome to Rome! Enjoy your stay.

We want to pray at the Great Synagogue. What are the rules?

COVID-related restrictions in synagogues are recently removed. However, the use of masks is strongly recommended. In order to access the Synagogue on weekdays, Visitors must bring with them their ID (passport).

For Shabbat and Yom tov prayers, registration must take place before Shabbat or on the eve of Yom Tov, sending a copy of your ID to (no later than 2.00 pm).


Is there any synagogue reservation system?

The tefillot of the Yamim noraim are very crowded, especially on the first morning of Rosh ha-Shana and at the end of Yom Kippur. It is suggested to arrive on time We recommend getting to the synagogue well in advance in order to avoid long queues. The Community does not place numerical limits on admission, does not sell tickets and does not guarantee seats. However, offers are very welcome:


What are prayer times on Rosh ha-Shana and Kippur?


Great Synagogue

(Italian rite)

Sephardic Synagogue in the Jewish School building (Sephardic rite) Via del Portico d’Ottavia 73

Selichot on the eve of Rosh ha-Shana and Kippur

5 am.

After the Selichot: Shachrit


Evening Tefilla

Rosh ha-Shana: 6.40 pm

Kippur: 6.20 pm

Rosh ha-Shana: 6.40 pm

Kippur: 6.20 pm


Rosh ha-Shana and Kippur: 8 am

Rosh ha-Shana and Kippur: 8 am



Where does the tashlich take place?

The tashlich takes place in the afternoon of the first day of Rosh ha-Shana (September 26) at 5.40 pm in three different points of the city: on the Tiber Island (near the Great Synagogue), at Bet El and Ponte Marconi.

What are the Rome times for Ghedalia fasting?

Fasting (28.9) begins at 5.52 am and ends at 7.24 pm


What time does the Kippur fast end (October 5th)?

The sound of the Shofar is at 7.12 pm, the fast ends at 7.34 pm

What are prayer times di Sukkot, Sheminì ‘Atzeret e Simchat Torà?


Great Synagogue

Sephardic Synagogue in

the same building

Yom Tov Arvit

Sukkot: Eve 6.10 pm

Second day evening: 6.20 pm

Eve of Sheminì 'Atzeret and Simchat Torah: 6pm

Sukkot: Eve 6.10 pm

Second day evening: 6.20 pm

Eve of Sheminì 'Atzeret and Simchat Torah: 6pm

Yom Tov Shachrit

8.30 am

8 am


Where can you buy a lulav?

At the Great Synagogue:  the sale of Lulavim is on 7th and 9th October from 8.45 to 1.30 pm and from 12th to 14th October at the same time. The 'aravà for Osha'ana Rabba can be purchased on Sunday 16th October from 6 am. To book call +39 06-87450209 / 10 or send an e mail to:


How can you access the Sukka?

In the garden of the Great Synagogue there is a Sukka open to the public. Access is allowed until 10.30 pm; on Saturdays until 2 pm, and from 5.30 pm to 10.30 pm. To access, you must present your passport or have previously sent it to Some restaurants have a Sukka for customers.


Where does the Osha'ana Rabba tiqqun take place?

The tiqqun of the night of Osha'anà Rabbà takes place in the Sukka in the gardens of the Great Synagogue and in the Bet Shalom Synagogue (via Pozzo Pantaleo 52) on Saturday 15th October at 8.15 pm. To access you must present your passport.


Is there any special moment during Sukkot?

Osha’ana Rabba tefilla at the Great Synagogue is one of the most heartfelt moments for Roman Jews. According to many, taking part in this tefilla is a unique experience.

Are there any other Synagogues in Rome?

Yes, check the list at

In English: The access rules are the same for all synagogues in Rome. For any further details, contact the synagogue you intend to go to.

Is it possible to visit the Great Synagogue outside of prayer times?

Only through the Jewish Museum:

Which kind of Synagogues are Roman Synagogues?

All of them are Orthodox. Some, including the Great Synagogue, follow the Roman minhag, other follow the Sephardic rite (original or Lybian), one is an Ashkenazi synagogue.

Are the any Kosher restaurants or kosher food shops?

Yes, check the list at and

Is there a list of kosher food available in the markets?

Yes, check the list at

Is there an Eruv in Rome?

No, there isn’t.

What about miqwe

Only for women. Reservations:

For men Via Famiano Nardini, 15. Reservations: 345-3379412.

On the eve of Rosh ha-Shana and Kippur, both the miqwaot of the Great Synagogue and Via Balbo Synagogue are open for men from 7am to 12am.